Everyone should eat right, but most of us don’t for whatever reason.  Whether we are tired, don’t have time, don’t know how, or a combination of all three, we should still make an effort to try.  The food we put in our body affects us in many different ways.  Eating a good diet helps us to feel good and energetic after meals and over the long term helps us live a longer and more fulfilling life.  One healthy meal is not going to make a difference, but over time things add up.

At the same time, eating healthy does not necessarily mean we have to sacrifice by eating bland and bad tasting food.  There’s always a compromise in life as well as in cooking and eating.  I recommend the following cookbooks below.  They show simple and easy to cook meals that actually taste good.

51f2n4ceyYLPeas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love by Sarah Matheny

“When Sarah Matheny, creator of the popular blog Peas and Thank You, decided to eliminate animal products from her diet, she knew there’d be skeptics. Her husband was raised on the standard American diet. Her grandpa was a butcher. Her mom was the best home cook around, with a generous pat of butter here and a crumble of bacon there. But now Sarah is a mom who wants to feed her children right.”