Getting into a Bad Car Accident

photoToday I got into a bad car accident. As you can see from the picture, the driver’s side door is completely smashed along with some car frame damage. Oh, there’s also a piece of metal about to fall off the bottom of my car too. As for myself, my knee is hurt from the door banging against it. My neck, back, and shoulder has pain from the whiplash. The other driver did not experience any injuries and had negligible damage on his front bumper.

So how did this all happen?  I feel like it’s a lot of bad luck.  The second accident this year for me and both times I’m on the receiving end of the damage.  Anyways, I was parallel parked on the curb in a residential area.  It was a tight spot for sure.  I looked in the rear view mirror and the coast was clear.  I started to turn left to pull out but didn’t have enough space.  At this point, my car was visibly pulling out.  Any driver on the road would be able to see it.  I reversed to create more space and turned left to pull out.  Wham, my car get t-boned.  How does this much damage come from another car if the speed limit here is only 25 mph?  I figured the other driver must have been driving close to 40 mph.  I’m actually lucky to be alive.  At this point, everything was a big blur and I couldn’t move for like 10 minutes from the pain and shock.  Then some nice guys at a company across the street tried to help me out of the car.  Of course, it was not possible since the door was completely smashed shut.  After getting out of shock, I managed to wiggle to the other side of the door and get out.  Someone called 911 and the fire department and police arrived.  The fire department asked if I needed to go to the hospital.  I was hurt but I didn’t think I was critically injured.  So they called off the ambulances. Some of the guys got me some cleansing wipes and bandages for the blood on my hands.  They got cut from the shattered glass.  The police took statements from the other driver and me.  We exchanged contact information, but neither of us were cited for any traffic violations. So who’s at fault for this accident?  Normally, the other driver has the right of way.  However, I clearly pulled out already while he was still far away.  Had I pulled out at the last second, he would have hit me closer to the front of the wheel instead of square in the middle of the car.  Also, if he wasn’t speeding, he could have easily stopped before hitting my car.  I’m just hoping to recover right now.  I called my car insurance company and filed a claim.  They will determine the liability for each driver. Everyone be careful out there especially during the holiday season some places have slick roads.  Accidents can happen at any time.

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